Our First Customer, George.

FullSizeRender (1)He’s our first customer at Cadence just about everyday.  He walks in with a chipper “good morning.” Then he proceeds to show me something that he’s proud of; a hat someone gave him, a jacket he got at the community kitchen, or a “new” old pair of boots that someone has given him.
Yesterday morning it was a bottle of medicine. He was so grateful to finally have this prescription. It’s medication to help him keep food down. You see George is dying with stomach cancer. And for a while he hasn’t been able to eat without throwing it all back up.
Yesterday morning, when he came in I asked how he was doing, and he replied,
Oh I’ll be alright now!!  Got me some medicine to help me keep my food down!”
Is your cancer worse,” asked him.
Yeah, but I’ll be alright,” he answered with tears in his eyes.
What can I do for you George?
You gotta biscuit I can eat?  I’m hungry and this medicine is gonna help me keep it down now!
His weak eyes were glimmering with hope and anticipation. We heated up a biscuit for him, and while it was heating we prayed together.
I don’t know how much time George has left, but I do know this, he will always have something to eat and a cup of coffee when he comes to Cadence.  We will stand by George and so many others who come here for a kind word, a needed cup of coffee, and a simple prayer.

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