There they go…

Have you ever experienced a moment that you felt was part of a bigger story than what was happening at that very instant?  This is one of those moments. 

The one on the right has a mothers heart like no one else I’ve ever known. She weeps for the hurting, abandoned, and forgotten child. She believes we are ALL called to care for the orphan in some way, and would rather you just move over and let her love on the motherless one, while you stand there and try to decide if that’s Gods will for your life. This moment is a significant moment for her. I don’t think she will come home with another baby. Our quiver isn’t just full, it’s running running over.  But I do think she won’t come back the same as she was when she left. 

The  one on the left  – yeah this is a pretty big moment in her life too. I easily recognize that far away look she gets from time to time. No, it’s not the typical teenage glazed over look when she’s tuning me out. It’s something more…like she’s straining hard to clearly hear that voice that’s calling her to go or come or something of both. She knows her life is meant to be spent for others.  And today, well I just believe today marks her maiden voyage to her Macedonia. She’s about to meet a little boy or girl, or maybe a grownup, whom God has divinely appointed for her to point them to Him and His amazing live for them. 

I couldn’t be more proud in this moment. I love these two women more than I can describe here on this page. I can’t wait to see and hear what God does through them over the next five days in Haiti 

Thank You – to every single person who has invested in them for this trip. I believe it’s a great investment. 

Now Mr Mom returns to his four other treasures. You can say a prayer for me if you like – that I don’t burn the Mac & Cheese and that I don’t forget ballet practice and that everyone gets at least one bath over the next 5 days.  We got this. . .. 

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