I am a pastor.  I am a barista.  So that makes me a Pastorista.  I love doing what I do.  On any given day my world as a pastor and a barista collide beautifully.  I encounter people everyday from every walk of life and I get to hear their stories.  I learn so much from the people I meet.  In some cases I get to be part of their story. In every case they become part of mine.

I am a firm believer that you can pastor a church and you can still have interaction with those outside of your community of faith.  I am a firm believer in taking ministry to the market place, over expecting folks to come  for ministry within the walls of the local church.

I’m challenged daily to know what I believe and why I believe.  I’m forced to confront others who are as equally passionate about their belief system as I am.  I have other challenges like finding hours and hours of study time for sermon prep and hospital visits and phone calls.  Sometimes I drop the ball.

This is the story of my life as a Pastorista.

Enjoy reading!

Better yet, stop by for a cup of coffee sometime and let’s chat.

Email me at shannon@cadencecoffeeco.com

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