Happy New Year!  I love New Years Day.  It is truly a day of all things new.  I am mindful today that so much potential is locked up inside the next 365 days, and I want to do everything that I can to discover each day’s potential in 2020.  I want to make every day matter this year.  My first prayer of the new year is that, with His help, not one day will slip through my fingers.

I want to love – every day.

I want to laugh – every day.

I want to live – every day.

2019 was a good year.  It brought a lot of exciting, memorable, and wonder-filled days.  But as I look back, I feel like I missed some days.  Some days slipped past me.  Days that could have been . . . more.  But life seemed to live me on those days, and I missed moments that I’ll not get back now.  Missed conversations, missed memories, missed potential.

What’s done is done.  Lots of water has passed under the bridge of 2019.

I have today.

That’s it.

I am determined, come hell or high water, to live today well.

To find its potential.

Won’t you do the same?

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  1. I pray the same thing! I have missed some days this year? But I pray that this year brings honor to him. My goal is to help the number of Christ followers increase. Nothing is impossible without you lord.

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