What’s Your One Word?

I’ve started the past two years by leaning into a single word for the year.  No resolutions.  No impossible goals.  Just a single word around which I have centered my life.

I haven’t randomly picked these words, but I’ve diligently asked God to give me one single word for the year, and without fail, for the past three years, He has faithfully answered.

Year One – Believe.

Year Two – Wonder.

This Year – Steady.

I feel like His desire for me in 2020 is to stand steady.  Unshakeable, Immovable.  I believe He is calling me to be consistent, not wishy washy – steady.

OneWordI certainly didn’t come up with this idea on my own.  Far more brilliant folks have been camping out here for a lot longer.  In fact some of them wrote a book, I’ve read it and highly recommend it.  

There’s a great website, you can check out here.

And, there’s even a 4 day Bible Reading Plan that we can do together if you would like to join us.  Just accept my invite here.

I hope you will set out on this journey and join me and countless others. As we discover God’s One Word for 2020 for our lives, and then as He makes that one word a source of encouragement, accountability, and focus for the entire next year.

Ready?  Set?  Let’s Go.


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