I’m sure there is some sort of great spiritual significance to the number nine. But this weekend the number nine is significant because it was that many years ago that RiverChurch Chattanooga officially launched.

This weekend always brings a great deal of reflection for me, every year.

Lots of memories.

Lots of mountain tops.

Some valleys.

Plenty of moments I wish I could re-live and some I wish I never had.

So many great relationships have been born. Strangers have become friends that have become family.

Some relationships have died painful deaths, some for which I still grieve.

Some doubted that we would survive. They warned that if it “didn’t take” early on to jump ship and see what God said next.

We don’t look anything today like I thought we would nine years ago and in so many ways I’m thankful.

We haven’t made “mega” status in the first nine and we may never.

I’m ok with that.

The expression of the Body that RiverChurch has become is beautiful and I couldn’t be more blessed, honored and happy to lead this amazingly, complex, hungry, open armed body of believers.

To the RiverChurch family, past present and future – thank you for being part of our story. I am the most blessed to have been right here for the past nine with you, following Him.

Looking forward nine more.

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  1. Shannon…you are so amazing in heart and action!!.. It is seen by all…The love from Jesus is why you are…and you freely give that to those around you…Sooooo Cool!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

    Your Brother in Christ…
    Chaz McCants

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