Every once in a while in your lifetime, God brings someone into your world that just fits.  They get you.  You get them, and you walk together for as long as He leads you down the same path.  

For nearly two and a half years I have been blessed with such a person at Cadence.  One of my first conversations with Jacob was nearly three years ago;  me in a quiet room in my basement, and him in his dorm in Sydney Australia.  He had spent a couple of years serving Youth With A Mission, and was heading home to the States, for the next leg of his life journey.  To my great delight, that leg brought him right up beside of me.  

Since then, this guy has loved Cadence Coffee like it was his own.  He has brought excellence laced with levity.  Passion balanced with practicality, and 11 East 7th Street has become a place more people know about because of his investment and creativity.  

Because of him, I am blessed.

Today, marks a bit of a turning point in his journey.  He will step away from the bar at Cadence to take on a full-time job that will allow him to do things he was made to do, and provide for him in ways we couldn’t.  The future for this guy, and his beautiful wife.  I’m praying (hard) for kids, lots of them, and even more of heavens greatest blessings on their future.

Good news is he isn’t leaving entirely.  He is still leading worship at RiverChurch and serving with the same spirit of excellence, passion, practicality, and a good dose of humor.

Jacob, I’m going to miss seeing you everyday at Cadence.  But I’m thankful that we will continue to walk as brothers, stirring “up one another to love and good works,” into His plans and purposes.  

Love ya man!


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