Seven Years

I’ve told the story a thousand times about a brief conversation I had with my wife, as we were making plans to move to Chattanooga to plant a church almost 10 years ago.  It went something like this:

Me:  Wouldn’t it be cool to one day have a church AND a coffee shop downtown Chattanooga?

Her:  Yeah, that would be cool, now get in the car we have to get on the road.

We were traveling back home to Alabama that day, and nothing more was really discussed about that fleeting idea.

Until a couple years later when Brian and Amanda Turner sat with me one day and invited me to partner with them in opening a new coffee shop in downtown Chattanooga.  The Turners were divinely instrumental in laying the groundwork for Cadence, and although they stepped away a few years ago, I know that we would not be where we are today with out them.  (Brian & Amanda // Thank You!)

Today, marks seven years of business for Cadence.  Seven years!  I truly cannot believe we’ve made it this far, but I know this much, we’ve ONLY made it this far by God’s grace and His mercy, not by anything I have done.   

I also know that we couldn’t be celebrating seven years today with out the support of an army of people that have helped make Cadence Coffee Company one of Chattanooga’s best coffee shops.  

Kristi // You’ve stood faithfully beside me these past seven years, even in the darkest most frightening times. You believed in Cadence when I couldn’t.  You’ve sacrificed for this little coffee shop in ways that only you and I will ever know.  I see it, and I’m grateful.  Thanks Babe!  

Greer Kids // Cadence has been your home away from home.  You’ve shared your dad with a business when it wasn’t easy or fun.  Still, you love this place with a fierce kind of love, and although most of you may never like coffee like your mom, I know you love Cadence, and I love you for that. Thanks Kiddos!

Jacob // You have taken someone else’s dream and vision and made it your own.  You give so much of yourself to this place, and I couldn’t imagine Cadence without you.  This isn’t just a job for you, its so much more than that, and I thank God everyday for bringing you here to stand beside me.  Thanks Right Hand Man!

Cadence Staff // Past and Present I couldn’t have asked for better people to stand behind our bar.  You have and continue to represent us well.  You embody our core values of coffee, community and change, and I love you all like my own kids (except Gina, you’ll have to settle for being like my older sister).  Thanks Cadence Family!

Cadence Volunteers // We truly don’t deserve you.  Lynn you give so much of your time and energy each week.  Ray & Sarah, Wednesdays are my favorite days because of you two.  Kevin I look forward to your predictably unpredictable lunch break drop ins. Thank you all for stepping up, and filling in the gaps for us.  Thanks Cadence Family II!

RiverChurch // You believe in Cadence as much as I do, and your commitment to see this place be a beacon of hope and light in our city has encouraged me beyond words. You truly get what it means to Go Be The Church.  Thanks Church Family!  

Cadence Customers // You are the reason we show up for work everyday.  If it wasn’t for your loyalty and huge support, Cadence would have been a short memory long ago.  Thanks Cadence Customers!

Most Importantly, God // I know He has breathed on Cadence, and for that I’m grateful.  Little did I know, that brief conversation with Kristia almost 10 years ago, was me vocalizing His idea.  Over the past seven years that idea has become a reality.  Today Cadence celebrates its birthday, but we also celebrate the amazing opportunities afforded to us to touch the lives of literally thousands of people, and I pray there will be thousands more.  Thanks God for the gift of Cadence Coffee!


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