There’s just something special about the name “Lynn.”

My wife’s middle name is “Lynn.”  My daughter is Madi”lynn.”  And one of the dearest friends I have is named “Lynn.”

A couple of years ago she came walking in to Cadence, introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Lynn, and I would love to volunteer here at Cadence.”  At the time I was desperate for more help, so I said, “Come on, we’ll take any help we can get.”  

Since that day, Lynn has become a permanent fixture around Cadence.  Seriously, you will have to pry her from my cold dead hands before I would let her leave our Cadence family.   She’s at Cadence at least three days each week.  She bakes, she waits on customers, she helps us with inventory, she answers phones. I could go on and on and on, telling you what she does around here.    

Its not abnormal for me to get a text from her late at night or early in the morning reminding me of something that needs to be bought before we open the next day, or a catering order that needs to be ready at “(such and such) a time.”  

Now Lynn, is a bit of a worrier.  There’s hardly a day that goes by that she isn’t worried about something.  It may be a family member, a friend, a customer of ours, or maybe just a situation that has her just a little bit uneasy.   She’ll apologetically tell you “I tend to be a worrier.”  But what she would call a weakness of worry, is often times what keeps us on our toes, covering our bases. 

She has told me on more than one occasion, “Shannon, I’ve never seen God cover someone’s ‘can’ as much as He covers yours.”  She knows I live my life way in over my head.  

Funny thing is that God often uses Lynn even in her worried-ness to cover my mistakes, unforseen circumstances, and my uh ohs. 

As if what she does behind the bar isn’t enough, Lynn is often times coming out from behind the bar to help a person who has walked into the shop with some sort of a need.  Sometimes she even enlists the help of her husband Brian, who already works a full time job, but is just as much a servant as she is.  On more than one occasion I’ve seen or heard of the two of them going to a customers apartment or house to take them food, help them build a set of stairs, or bring them furniture.  

In a world of people who live by a “me first” mentality, I am so thankful to have a friend who truly lives life open handed.  Willing to go, do, give, serve, help, encourage absolutely anyone in need. One day, when I grow up I hope I am that kind of person.  But for now, I’ll be thankful I have this “Lynn” in my life.

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