My Dangerous Back to School Prayer

I had to be at work before my kids left for school today.  I’m going to miss this years  “First day of  – – – –  Grade” photos.  But my wife has that covered.  I woke up early though praying for them, and I thought I would share this prayer with you, for your kids and grandkids.

So – Kenz, May, Jo, & Jay this is my prayer for you today:

Abba –

As another school year begins I bring my kids before you and ask that your hand of blessing would be upon them. 

The world, into which I send them, can be scary, dark, foreboding and even dangerous. But Lord, as inclined as I may be to pray that you would keep them safe I choose this year to pray that you would make them dangerous. 

Father, I pray that as they walk into their schools that darkness would vanish in fear of the light that You have placed inside of them. 

I pray that their integrity and honesty would intimidate the very notion of dishonesty and corrupt character. 

I pray that they would know and speak truth without fear of isolation or rejection. 

I pray that they would have the courage to love the unlovable, to accept the outcast, and to stand up for the bullied. 

I pray that they would excel with excellence when apathy and laziness might creep toward them. 

I pray that they would change atmospheres, bringing joy and laughter, yet respect and attentiveness when it is called for. 

I don’t pray for good grades, but I do pray that they would apply themselves to learning, refusing to give up when challenges seem to great. 

I pray that they will know when to lead and lead well

I pray that they will know when to follow and follow well. 

I pray that they would hear Your voice behind them saying this is the path walk in it. 

I can’t be with them every minute of their day to influence their choices but You can and I ask that You would. 

Father – You have entrusted these children to us, but they are truly yours. So I believe that You will walk with them, lead them, guide them and yes, that You will make them dangerous. 

In the name of your Son Jesus I pray. 


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