Coffee Together: Squat & Watch

(My apologies for my short hiatus from our regular Wednesday “Coffee Together” posts.  There was no huge outcry at my absence, but just in case someone did notice, I apologize.  My last three weeks have been pretty packed.  Nevertheless, I’m back so let me share.)

The phone rang a little over an hour ago, and my wife answered.  It was a call from DCS to take an emergency placement for the night.  She got the details and agreed to take the placement.

The timing of this particular phone call was rather interesting, because earlier this very afternoon we were talking about this past Sunday when some friends came to church with their newly adopted little boy.  In an effort to relieve “mom” and let her enjoy our monthly belonging meal together, my motherly wife took the new baby and held him while he napped, and his mom enjoyed a few moments off the clock.  On more than one occasion I heard folks say to her, “OH NO!!  Don’t go getting any ideas!  You don’t need anymore kids!”  It was all said in jest, or at least I hope. But the words have kind of resonated in our ears all week.

Its true – we don’t need anymore kids.  But the phone call we received a little while ago, reveals the haunting truth that there are kids who need us.  Not necessarily “the Greer’s,” but a family that is willing to be inconvenienced, to be stretched, to sacrifice if necessary, and say, “Yes – that child (or children) can come stay with us.”  We don’t need anymore kids, but unless more people will take the step and open their homes, and step up to care for the “orphan” we will have to.

If we don’t


you won’t

then who will?

Look we’re not looking for pats on the tush and “attaboys,” and I don’t mean to come off arrogant, confrontational or condemning, but there is a need for more people to step up and stand in the gap for kids that need a place to stay while their mom and dad get it together, or if that doesn’t happen, then a place to live forever.

My dad has a saying, when he sets his mind to do something that not everyone may agree with, he says, “Just squat & watch.”  That’s his way of saying “I’m gonna do, what needs to be done, regardless of public opinion.”  I guess that’s what I’m feeling tonight. We’ve been told “You can do too much good in the world” and that we “can’t save them all.”  But tonight I’m feeling a lot like my stubborn ole’ dad.

Incidentally – I just got a phone call saying that the placement wouldn’t happen after all, that’s okay, we’re ready.  Because the phone will ring again, and when it does . . . .well . . .  squat & watch!

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