#MCM: The Gift of Interruption

So, I’ve missed a couple of Man Challenge Monday’s (#mcm), but I’m back on track, today, at least, so let’s get going.  

I truly believe its one of my biggest pet peeves – interruption.  Around our house it happens all the time.  I’ll be talking to my wife and one of our brood comes running in with a frantic look on their faces as if they are going to report on the imminent demise of the world, when in reality they just want to know when we’re going to eat again.  I guess I should be used to interruptions like these by now, but in all honesty they still bug me.

I’ve noticed it happening a lot more lately, and I’m kind of getting the feeling that God is bringing it to my attention because He wants me to see interruption as an opportunity, a blessing, a gift.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a meeting with the leaders of our church, and a guy walked in to the church side of the cafe (“the nine”), where we were meeting.  He needed some water.  He’s not homeless, he is a physically impaired man who comes in from time to time at Cadence needing a ride, or some food, or something.  Something inside of me, seemed to nudge me to step away from the meeting for just a minute to talk to him, instead I just let a couple of folks get him a couple bottles of water, and the rest of the pizza that we had ordered for our meeting.  It was the next day, when one of the folks at the meeting texted me and said they felt like they should have stepped away from the meeting for just a minute to talk to him.  It was, as they described it, a great learning opportunity.

Then there was last week, when Justin walked in to “the nine” as I was walking out from another meeting.  He had driven three hours to Chattanooga, trying to find me.  He had made a decision to follow Christ, and wanted to be baptized, right then.  (He pointed at a bottle of water I had in my hand and said, “use that if you have to.”)  It hadn’t been my plan to go wading into the Tennessee River in my street clothes to baptize a friend, but It was God’s plan.  I’m so glad He interrupted my plans that night.


You see, not all interruptions are bad.  In fact, I’m learning that many of my interruptions are divine appointments, or opportunities to step into a God story, and to play a small role.

So my challenge to you today, my brother, is this:  Don’t miss the moment that might appear as an interruption.  Take a deep breath, and ask God if there is something He wants you to see, learn, or even do with this “interruption.”  He may send one of your kids, your wife, a co-worker, a neighbor, or even a stranger.  Don’t let your frustration get the best of you, embrace the moment and just see what happens.  You might just find that He’s sending you a gift, a moment that you, or even someone else, might never forget.

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