Look Up

Sometimes I forget. I shouldn’t, but I do.  This place isn’t my home. I’m just here for a short window of time and then…then eternity. There I truly live. No stress. No worry. No trouble. No chaos. No war. No sadness. Just eternity with Jesus. 

I can get so easily entangled in life. Sometimes I feel like my heart will capsize at the disappointment in humanity. Sometimes I think – how much worse can it get.  And then I remember. It can only get better. 

I forget to look up!  I forget to stop and gaze into the blue skies. I forget to to remember that just on the other side of that blue abyss is life; abundant, eternal. Love. Peace. Everything I long to see in this life is there and will never fade away. 

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you forget. Maybe your overwhelmed.  But you clicked on the link so while you’re here let me encourage you to simply look up. 

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