This has been a weekend for the books.  It started Thursday afternoon when I had the privilege of joining about 30 other men as we stole away to some cabins  in the mountains of Tennessee for the 8th Freedom Weekend with The Journey Ministries.  It was three days of listening to what God says about truly living as a man of God.  Inspired by the stories of William Wallace, Maximus Decimus Meridius, and Bagger Vance as well as the writings of John Eldridge and his book, “Wild At Heart,” modern day men of courage and valor challenged our group of men to live the Epic story that God has written for each of us.

rainThere were many memorable moments during my time away, nights around the camp fire, an afternoon fishing excursion out on small lake, meeting some new men who became brothers.  But the highlight by far was the priceless few minutes I had by myself in quiet communion with God.  In the distance I heard the rumble of thunder and knew I’d have to head back soon.  But before long the sound of rain came rushing through the trees and suddenly I was completely saturated from head to toe from one last April shower.  I was, in a word, refreshed.

I won’t soon forget those three days away.

And then today, today was the perfect punctuation on a great weekend.  The time spent with our RiverChurch family was encouraging as we celebrated the love of God for us, demonstrated through Jesus His Son.  Then our family of faith gathered around the table, broke bread together and rallied around the vision and calling that God has placed upon the RiverChurch family.  In our first of many Belonging Meals we welcomed new family members and corporately and reaffirmed our commitment to that that vision and calling.  It was, in a word, refreshing.

Tonight, our party of 7 will enjoy an evening together, before the week begins.  And tonight when I lay my head on my pillow I will be, in a word, refreshed.

In the meantime I’m gonna sit down with William Wallace and enjoy an hour or two of Braveheart.

Have a great week!



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