Run Away! Run Away!

mobIf you want to clear a room start using words like “discipline,” “sacrifice” in the same sentence that you use the word “money.”  Defenses go up faster than a toupee in a hurricane.

Day three of the “Overrated” reading plan through YouVersion would certainly have that affect.  I’m in chapter 3 headed into chapter 4 now, Cho offers this question today:

When has money become godlike  in your personal life?  What are some ways you can break the hold that money has over you starting today?

As I read this book I’m challenged at how much I sacrificially give not just of my treasure, but of my time and my talents.  The key word there is “sacrificially.”  I give.  But is what I’m giving truly costing me anything?  Its a tough question.

So if tough questions like this make you as uncomfortable as they do me . .  let me warn you to run away from “Overrated.”  Its getting really uncomfortable now . . . so yeah . . . you might want to go ahead and run away, run the other way.

Of course maybe you need to ask yourself these kinds of tough questions.  I know I do.

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