We’ve had many messages and texts over the last 24 hours asking if we are ok.  We began posting requests for prayer yesterday and today about a situation that our family is facing.  We haven’t been vague to simply leave people hanging.  This situation is delicate and because of our role as foster parents we are very limited as to how much we can say. We believe God has a very specific plan and that He has invited us to be part of that plan. We believe that He has spoken very specific things to us in this situation.  At this moment what seems to be reality and what He has spoken to us seem to be in opposition to one another.  Our only recourse in this moment is to simply stand on our faith.  This isn’t the first time to stand solely upon faith for the Greer family and won’t be the last.  Thank you for your prayers and concern.  We are believing that with God there are #NOAccidents. Thank you for joining us as we declare that truth.


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