Still believing that there are #NOAccidents

phone A little over a week ago, our journey as foster parents took a disappointing left turn.  Uncertainty and questions seemed to overwhelm us.  We needed answers and we needed reason to hope.  I began to knock on doors, send emails, make phone calls but to no avail.  A little over a week had gone by with still no clarity and the questions, uncertainty, and doubts seemed to only multiply.  I knew we had to hear something today.  Somehow, someway even if it meant walking up to an office door, knocking on that door, and asking the questions that were burning inside of me.  Today we prayed – “God grant us some clarity and understanding.”  Many of you prayed, with us and He answered.

The circumstances still seem uncertain, and far from resolved.  But tonight we have peace.  We have some answers but we also have full assurance that He is sovereign.

As I lay my head to rest tonight I still believe there are #NOAccidents.

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