Water to Wine

watertowineA little over a month ago we started a Community Bible Study at Cadence on Wednesday nights.  We’re walking through the Gospel of John, and I’m super excited about this particular study, as we utilize the Inductive Study method.  This past week we looked at the first 12 verses of John 2, which is the story of Jesus’ first public miracle – turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana.  I absolutely loved, loved, loved doing this study and honestly can’t wait until next Wednesday to continue.  There’s enough good stuff in these 12 verses, to provide quality content for a number of blog posts.  But I’ll just share with you one small insight we discovered last night as we studied John 2:1-2 together.

Verse 9 says:

“When the master of the feast tasted the water now become wine, and did not know where it came from (though the servants who had drawn the water knew), the master of the feast called the bridegroom, and said to him, “Everyone serves the good wine first, and when the people have drunk freely, then the poor wine.  But you have kept the good wine until now.”

Who knew the water had been turned into wine?  The Bridegroom?  The guests?  The master of the feast?  The text simply says that the servants who had drawn the water knew.  The “seen and not heard,” insignificant servants.  Jesus did his first miracle, and rather than a huge dramatic entrance into His national ministry with lightening and thunder and mind blowing miracles.  He turns water into wine and the servants get to witness His first miracle.

Kind of fits though doesn’t it?  Who heard first about Jesus birth?  Lowly shepherds.  Who did he call to be his disciples?  Blue Collar workers, not the elite ivy league valedictorians of Jewish law.

Furthermore He takes everyday, commonplace water, and turns into the best of the best kind of wine.

I struggle sometimes to see my own personal value.  I look at my life, who I am, and think I’m not ____________ (talented enough, smart enough, eloquent enough.)  I’m not like _________________.  I’ll never be ______________.  But when I read that Jesus takes ordinary water and turns it into the best wine in the presence of humbled servants, I’m reminded that He sees a value in me.  I have a worth that He sees and He chooses to do life with me.  That truth alone changes my perspective on so many levels.

So I pray for you today to see the value that He sees in you!  You may feel like water but He sees you as priceless wine. You may feel like the insignificant person in the room, everybody’s servant, but He sees you as royalty.  He loves to take the ordinary, unworthy and void of value and work miracles.  He loves to “wow” the unsuspecting.

You matter.

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