Today’s Top 5. . . I mean Top 6

I’ve come to understand the importance lately of celebrating wins, and counting blessings.  For this reason I share with you today’s top 5:

1.  I love my job

In nearly seven years of pastoring, I have never felt more perfectly placed than in this current season.  I eagerly anticipate gathering with my family of faith.  I thrill at the study and preparation of Scripture to share each week.  I love the people that God has brought to be part of our community. I am so thankful and honored to shepherd the beautiful people of RiverChurch Chattanooga.

2.  Mei Ling’s Macedonian

I shared this in a Facebook / Instagram post today, but a true highlight of the day was hearing the Holy Spirit say during our time of worship, “See Mei Ling over there?  She gets it.  She wants to see the nation from which she came know Christ.”  Remembering a story her mom shared with me earlier in the week about her desire to send Bibles to Asia, I realized this was an opportunity for our congregation to step up around one of our young ones and let her experience the body in action.  She was blessed, and so will more than 100 people who will receive Bibles in Asia because of her.  If you would like to help her reach more people, you can email me at and I’ll tell you how.  This is a Mei Ling thing, not a RiverChurch thing, so be part of the miracle God does through this little girl.

3.  Great Are You Lord

Its a song we sing a lot at RiverChurch by All Sons and Daughters.  Its powerful and personally I find nothing more beautiful than when our family of faith lift our voices together to sing it!

4.  Grocery Runs with Jo

I cherish every minute I get with my kids.  Today Jo and I did a grocery run together.  Nothing wild and crazy happened.  We just spent time together and I loved every second of it.

5.  Seeing Her

She caught my eye worshipping over 15 years ago, and today I looked across the room and saw my wife, worshpping and fell in love all over again.  No more beautiful thing than a woman who loves God more than she loves her man.  She does.  (BTW – she looked fiiiiiiiiiiine too!!!)

6.  Friends

Okay so it was supposed to be a top 5 but I had to add 6.  I’m so excited about having some friends over that we don’t get to see often.  I love the times we get together.  They’re younger than we are, but we love them like family, and I love being a small part of their lives.  We’re watching the Super Bowl or at least pretending to.  We have enough junk food to choke an army, we’ll regret it later.  But tonight we do life together.  I think I hear the doorbell so . . . .


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