Let’s Make a Run For It

In September 2013, Kristia and I visited an operation in Atlanta that is making huge strides in changing the lives of the lost and the least.  Since then, we have had a number of opportunities to visit City of Refuge, as well as be on the receiving end of their training, encouragement, and inspiration.  I wish there was a way I could personally introduce all of my friends to the work of City of Refuge.  I’d especially love for my Chattanooga friends to see what’s happening just a couple of hours down the road, and what we’re praying God will do right here in our city.  Well there is a way . . . .

Logo300-2015On Saturday, April 18, Kristia and I will run in our very first Refuge Run, a 5K at City of Refuge.  Each Kilometer of this 5K will represent one of the amazing programs of City of Refuge including their NAPA Auto Training Center, Eden Village (a homeless shelter for women & children), the 180 Kitchen, the City of Refuge Youth Programs, and Kindred Spirits (a home for teen moms & their babies).  The run promises to be 3 1/2 miles of pure inspiration.

You can go here, to learn more about the race, but Kristia and I would love to invite YOU to join our team Team ChattLife.  The website will have all the information you need, plus a place to register.  This is our first ever 5K to run, so we’re not looking to win any medals, but we are looking to experience a memorable day with friends for a great cause.  If you’re an experienced runner, then come on, show us how its done.  If you only run when you see a roach, or when its time to eat dinner; or if you share in the dream for God to do some amazing things in our city, why don’t you join us in the 2015 Refuge Run.  We have two months to get ready, so. . . whattaya say?  Let’s make a run for it.

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