Serious Choices #whyitribe


I’m over weight.  I crave sugary foods.  I’ve been to the ER once this year with a heart “episode” and am currently taking a medicine to regulate my blood pressure and heart rate. I ache, sleep sporadically, and have a whacked up digestive system.   I’m t-minus 5 months away from 40 years old.

These combined random facts cause me to realize something’s gotta give.  I told someone just yesterday, I don’t want to be an OLD 40 year old.  But sadly, I’m on my way down that path if I don’t make some serious choices.

So last week I made a choice.  Upon the invitation of a fitness trainer  I’ve taken a few classes at Iron Tribe Fitness here in Chattanooga.  In fact, as this post hits the web I’ll be in my 5th class.  Chris & Lauren have kicked my tail.  The exercises have been tough but effective and I’ve never felt so good about my health and fitness, ever.

The financial commitment, of this particular program is beyond what I can personally afford.   But my experience at Iron Tribe has pointed me in the right direction for making good choices with regard to my health and fitness.  I may not be a full fledged “tribe” member, but I have already benefited from my “tribe” experience, and for that I’m thankful.

I have chosen to care for the body God has given me, I only have one I better take care of it.  I choose to do what I can to be here as long as I can, I wanna be the great grand dad one day playing tag with the young-ins’.  I choose to experience a long life with the woman of my dreams.  Those are long term choices.  In the short term, I choose to be fit by forty.  I choose to get up, get out of bed and head to my 5:30 a.m. class. As my trainer says, “It’s time to “#RiseandTribe.”

What are you choosing to do today?


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  1. Darryl and I decided to take charge of our health last year after researching some issues we had going on with both us and the girls. We feel so much better and all of the issues have vanished! We also lost weight and continue to do so. What you eat really plays the biggest part in regaining health. We have read the research and have seen the proof in our lives. I suggest two books that will change your life. They are not the latest “fad” diet but the result of years and years of real research and real results. The books are: The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall and Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease by Dr. Caldwell Essylstein
    Here’s to good health for greater service to God!!

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