Life seems so complicated. Our world is complicated. Relationships are complicated. The workplace is complicated. Church can even be complicated.

Sometimes, I day dream about a life before my time. A time when everything was simpler. Where there were fewer choices, less distractions from the important and little attraction toward the dramatic. No artificial noise, no smartphones and software updates, no “pseudo-friendships” propagated by social media.

My wife and I have been reading a book by Jen Hatmaker titled, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. It’s a challenge to step in a direction of a simpler life, to dial down the noise blaring in your ears. Today marks the beginning of our acceptance of that challenge. We are stepping toward simple.

As the complicated clutter of our life begins to clear away I expect that room will be made for that which matters most – Jesus, family, & meaningful relationships with others.

I prayed for you today, the mysteriously unknown reader of “BehindTheBar.” I prayedthat you would know Simple. Not just today but everyday of your life.

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