Fifteen years ago a vision of beauty came walking down the aisle toward me, and solemnly joined her heart and life to mine.  I’ve never been the same since.  Words cannot even begin to express how much I love the woman God gave to me as my wife.

(DISCLAIMER: You may not be interested in reading mushy gush from a hubs to his boo, that's okay, I'm typically not either, but today's post is unequivocally, unashamedly dedicated to my boo, so read on or move on, this one's for her)


1.  I love your laugh, you know the one, the belly laugh, its absolutely musical.  If I could, I’d have it on repeat as a playlist.

2.  I love the way you twist your mouth to the side when you’re thinking about doing something risky, creative, or just down right insane.

3.  I love the fact that you would follow me anywhere, to do anything, if even it was risky, creative, or just down right insane – you have and I’m grateful.

4.  I love that your foot has to be touching mine at night before we can go to sleep.

5.  I love the way you say that line from the Brady Bunch – you know what I’m talking about: “Pork Chopppsss and Apple Schaussssssseee.”

6.  I love that fearless momma bear inside of you that ain’t afraid of nobody, when it comes to protecting the ones she loves.

7.  I love your love for truth, and your utter disdain of dishonesty.

8.  I love how sometimes you put the wrong word in a sentence when you’re making a serious statement and then you realize you used the wrong word but it sounds like another word which would have been the right word, then you say “never mind you know what I mean” and keep right on making your point.

9.  I love watching you study the Bible, and when you get a nugget of insight or truth, how you go “MMMM” then I ask “what?” and you go to preachin and I pull out my white hanky and try to shout you down  “Come On Sista!  Give that Word! SAY THAT! SAY THAT!  amen, Amen, AMEN and A-M-E-N!” (okay, you don’t go to preachin and I don’t shout you down it was just a funny imagination).

10.  I love the fact that you weep when our kids weep. You ARE a good mom Kristia Greer.

11.  I love that you keep me tethered, and balanced, fighting for our family, reminding me to stay guarded against the temptation to sacrifice our family on the altar of ministry.

12.  I love the fact that you are as beautiful first thing in the morning, sitting in the bed with that piece of hair sticking straight up in the back, as you are when you get all gussied up to go out on a date with me.

13.  I love when you lay your head on my chest.

14.  I love that flirty look you have, its the one you threw at me on our wedding day, when your dad walked you down the aisle and you looked over at me with that little grin, and you blinked your eyes.  You still got it.   You still use it.  It still works.  (Browwwwnnnn Chickennnnnn Brownnnnnn Cowwwwww).

15.  I love that you know me better than anyone else in this whole wide world, and you still love me.  It ain’t easy -I know – but you do.

Kristia Greer – these 15 years have been the wildest, challenging, craziest, most amazing, character building, beautiful, wonder-filled years of my life.  Thank you for giving them to me.  Thank you for not just being my wife and lover but my friend and my biggest cheer leader.

(Thanks for being so supportive this week. I’ve been gone a lot moving the shop. Thanks for offering to celebrate this big day on another day.  Thanks for making a sacrifice, a big one. )

I love you.

Let’s go for another 15 and then some more.

Happy Anniversary!

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