The Future of RiverChurch

riverchurchTen months ago RiverChurch began a Saturday night worship experience at Cadence Coffee in downtown Chattanooga.  Almost instantly we saw people coming that were hungry, not just hungry for food but for acceptance. in a church setting that made them feel like they belonged.

After about three months in, we realized that the need we were seeing downtown for a true, authentic expression of Christians “Being The Church” was far too great to ignore, so we packed up our stuff, and moved downtown.  I guess you could say that for six months of the past ten, RiverChurch was a lot like some of the people coming to worship with us, homeless.  We were able to meet at Cadence Coffee, and that was a huge blessing, but we knew that one day, we wanted to have our own place to hang our hat again.

A week ago, that dream looked like an impossibility, until God seemed to open a pretty significant door in front of us.  It just so happens that directly next door to the new location of Cadence Coffee is an empty space that could provide RiverChurch with a small venue for worship, kids ministry, and even some administrative space.  If all goes well, and the Lord grants us continued favor, I’m hoping we will be in our new space at the beginning of August.  Even more exciting is that there is potential in this space for additional growth, as God brings the increase.  Finally, a home again for RiverChurch right where God has intended for us to ultimately land, in the heart of our city.

The biggest challenge in front of us now, is financial.  I believe that over the next twelve months, RiverChurch will experience a growth unlike we’ve ever seen before, simply because we are exactly where God wants us to be.  I believe that our financial base will grow again after a period of extreme leanness.  But until that point, we need the finances to secure this space now.  I’m asking the Lord to help us raise our first years rent in the next two months.  He’s already begun to answer that prayer.  Within the first week of raising this financial commitment we’ve already had $9000 committed!!!!.  Now we need the rest to come in and in a very short amount of time.

Talking to people about money can be extremely uncomfortable, and can sometimes make things weird.  But I so believe that God has opened a door in front of us, that I have made myself completely available for any opportunity He may give me to invite others to walk with us through this door.  I am confident that He has provided the finances for RiverChurch to take this step, I’m waiting and watching now for Him to do what He does best – provide.

If you would like to join us in this adventure with a financial gift, please feel free to email me at  for more exciting information.    Even if you can’t give, please pray with me for the hearts of others to be open to join us in the work to which RiverChurch has been called.

I’ll keep ya posted.



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  1. Shannon this is awesome! What a mighty God we serve! We will be praying : )

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