Dreaming with my eyes open

daydreamingI’m experiencing a recurring phenomenon over the last couple of days.  Somewhere between the hours of 3 and 4 am, I’m waking up, “bright eyed and bushy tailed,” (what does that phrase mean anyway?)  I wake up dreaming.

I posted yesterday about Saturday Church, a new opportunity for ministry in downtown Chattanooga, for Worship, Teaching, and Outreaching.  I kind of see this new opportunity as a lab of sorts.  Remember in college how you would have Biology, then go to Biology lab to get your hands dirty with the experiments that you had studied about in class?  Well, this is similar to that.  At our church on Sunday mornings, we are studying the book of Acts, and what the life of an Acts Believer looked like.  Then, starting in mid-September, we will have the opportunity to hit the streets, to get our hands dirty, putting into practice what we’ve learned in our study of the book of Acts.

Here’s the deal, I keep dreaming with my eyes open, about what God is going to do through the people that join in this new venture.  I’m dreaming about lives being changed forever, by one person sharing the love of Jesus with another person.  I’m dreaming about people being activated to be the church not just go to church.  And that’s just the beginning.  Then the dreams get bigger and bigger and bigger.  I’m honestly scared to even write here what some of the dreams are.  I shouldn’t be scared, they certainly aren’t nightmares, but dreams that I started dreaming years ago.

Okay, so I’ve got 7 minutes before my wake-up alarm goes off, I’m gonna try to get a little more sleep, because dreaming with my eyes open is kicking my tail.

What if?  What if these dreams were to come true?  I know the what if.  I know that God would be glorified, because when these dreams do come true, anyone who hears about them, will know that it had to be done because of God, and not because of anyone else.

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