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I’ve been wondering a lot lately what it would look like if the Church were to actually, gather for worship, then literally walk out their doors, and literally take hope to others, not on once in a while basis,  but consistently, regularly.  What if we were to sing together, pray together, learn from the Word together, and then go put legs on what we’ve just experienced.  Some will say, “isn’t that what we should be doing, anyhow?”  Ideally, yes.  Realistically, not so sure that’s what I’m doing, how about you?

So, I’m tired of wondering, and ready to do something.  That’s why I’m inviting everyone I know who’s curious like I am, to join me, Saturday Night, 9.14.13, at 6pm at Cadence Coffee of Patten Parkway, for an hour of worship, prayer, and Bible Study, followed by an hour of hitting the surrounding streets with hope in the form of a packed lunch to share with a homeless person, a prayer for a passer-by, and even a conversation with someone who might just need to hear that God loves them.  After that we’ll meet back at Cadence Coffee at 8pm to see what God did.

Interested?  Bring yourself, a packed lunch and bottle of water to give away, bring some comfortable shoes to walk in.  If you don’t feel like walking, maybe you and a couple other folks could do some “drive by praying.”

I just have to believe, something good will come out of this.  Something eternally good.

Are you in?

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  1. Awesome! Unfortunately I am driving back from seminary that night or I would be there!

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