Jennifer & Eric

We have an amazing team of employees that work at Cadence Coffee Company.  Every single one of them is a top quality person, who  love people and love coffee, which is one of the reasons that we have such a great coffee shop.  I’ve known Jennifer for quite a while.  She’s one of the original Cadence baristas.  Jennifer’s husband, Eric is a pastor here in Chattanooga, so I count in an honor to be partnered with both of them in ministry through Cadence and here in our city.

JohnsonsEric and Jennifer have such an amazing story of how God has built their family over the last several years, with their adoption of Noelle, and then their most recent adoption of Selah.  I got to know Jennifer just before they adopted Selah, and quickly became immersed in their story as they prepared to add her to their family.
About a month ago, as I was praying for our Cadence team, and as I started praying for the Johnsons and I really felt like God was preparing them for the process of adoption yet once again.  I didn’t say anything to her, but just prayed that if this was the case that God would open every door for them.
One afternoon, Jennifer said “Hey, I want to tell you something pretty exciting.”  A customer walked in and she went to make their drink.   I stayed back in the kitchen and on little piece of paper wrote the word “adopting” and put it away.  She came back after the customer left, and said, “I want you to be praying for us, because it would seem that God is leading us to adopt again.”  I nearly jumped through the roof!  I grabbed the sheet of paper and showed it to her, “I wanted you to know that God has been having me pray for you guys for almost two weeks now, with regard to your adoption.”   It was so cool to realize in that moment that I had been part of a God thing.  I had already been praying, but I think God wanted Jennifer and Eric to know that He was already on this and was calling others to pray for them in what can be a hugely challenging, very long, and sometimes disappointing process.
Well their process is underway, and hopefully soon Eric and Jennifer will be bringing home a little guy from Haiti.  This kid is absolutely beautiful.  He will turn six this year and I know that he will be a perfect addition to their family.
As you may know the adoption process is a very expensive one, and Eric and Jennifer are completely trusting God to provide the money they need to bring their little boy home.  Who knows, God may want to include you in the process of helping unite this son and brother, with his new dad, mom, & two sisters?  Here’s where you can read more about their story, and even be part of the process to bring this little man home.
“God, thanks for adopting me into your family.  Thank you for people like Eric & Jennifer who are very literally demonstrating your love as they adopt sons and daughters into their family.  I simply pray today that you would grant them success as they walk through this process.  In Jesus name, Amen!”


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  1. Hi Shannon,

    Wow! Thank you for featuring our family on your blog –so fun! 🙂 We are humbled and amazing by all God is doing in and through us in our Adoption Journey. We are so grateful for friends like you who provide friendship, support and especially prayers!

    God bless you and your sweet family,
    The Johnsons

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