Edaccino – a lesson in consistency

He comes in at least once, sometimes three times a day for the same drink.  He’s ordered it practically the same way since I’ve known him.  He’s made a few variations, from a 12 to a 16 oz cup.  From two raw sugars added, to none.  But the constant has been a super dry (foamy) cappuccino.  Like, so dry, that he will hold the cup in his hand after we hand it to him, to see how light it is.  If its light enough, he’ll say “well done,” if its heavy, he’ll say “its not the best you’ve made.”  His name is Ed and his drink we affectionately call the “Edaccino.”

Its a rare day that he never comes in at all.  We have lots of customers who are equally as consistent.  We know them by name, but we also know them by the drink they buy.  Large non-fat sugar free Amaretto Latte, 16 oz Soy Caramel Macchiato, 20 oz Americano.  Consistent.
Ive been reading from the book of Hosea lately.  I am convinced that no book of the Bible shows the consistency of God like the book of Hosea.  As one who has been called to communicate to the people of Israel on God’s behalf, God instructs Hosea to do something that would demonstrate the consistency of God’s love, and the depravity of Israel’s behavior.  He tells Hosea to marry a prostitute.  Can you imagine?
This book doesn’t just show God’s consistency but the real emotions that He feels when the people He loves, reject Him. I believe our rejection grieves God.  He confronts Israel, honestly about their rejection of His love.  He’s mad, He’s up off His seat, and He’s giving them the what for.  But in all of this, He is still consistent in His love for them.  His love never ends.
I’m not the most consistent person in the world.  I’m inconsistent with exercise, eating right, I’m inconsistent in how I spend my time, but even in my inconsistency, I still find a constant, faithful, loving God who never diminishes His love for me.  Everyday He brings me new mercies, and more surely than I can count on Ed coming in every morning for his “Edaccino”, I an count on God to consistently love me.
Can I remind you of this simple truth?

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; – Lamentations 3:22

No matter how uncertain your or inconsistent your life seems today, there is a consistent God, and He loves you, for always!


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