Vicki The Faithful

I have no clue how long she’s been there, but she’s been doing it a long time.  Her name is Vicki and she is the parking attendant at our building.  Every morning she stands at her post, poised and ready to direct you into the parking garage, or to a spot on the lot across the street, or to kick your butt if you’re parked illegally in her lot.  Vicki takes her job serious.  No silliness with her.

Everytime I see her one word comes to my mind, “faithful.”  You never see her supervisor, but you also never see Vicki sitting on the job.  Vicki is thankful for her job, and she wants to do everything she can to keep it for as long as she can. That’s why she’s been doing this same job for almost 13 years.  She’s got a bark and a growl, no doubt about that.  But she also is one of the sweetest folks you’ll ever meet.

I wish more people were as faithful as Vicki is.  She gets commitment.  She understands doing what she’s expected to do even when no one is watching.

Is faithful a word that your boss could use to describe you?  Committed?  Loyal?  If that’s not the case then its time for some soul searching.  Get back out on the job tomorrow, and make them glad they hired you!

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