Sidewalk Conversations // 91720

Sidewalk Conversations// I’m learning to expect the unexpected. Especially in my day to day conversations with people. I think I live so much of my life trying to get from point “a” to point “b” that I miss the significance of so many moments that are given to me in a day. Especially in the conversations I have with people. I’m learning to particularly take notice of the interruptions because those seem to be the ones with a greater sense of profundity surrounding them. Don’t disregard what you haven’t expected as an interruption, because that interruption may just be a gift in disguise.

Exhibit A: This is what was left of an “Apple Chai Latte”. At first I was skeptical. Then I took the first sip and my entire internal being smiled a Cheshire Cat grin. You go ahead and order your pumpkin spice whatev or your Caramel Apple Spice from the little green mermaid. I’ll be over here sippin on my little taste of heaven in a cup. It was certainly an unexpected interruption in my day that truly became a gift. (We’ll be adding this to the menu come October 1 for a short window. So come & get it. )

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