Sidewalk Conversations // 91520

I carry this book with me just about everywhere I go. I’ve become so accustomed to having it with me that I sometimes forget it’s there. It brings me comfort, offers me wise counsel, corrects me, and gives me hope. I find life in its pages – real life. Sadly, I take it for granted. I assume I’ll always have access to it. Sometimes I treat it like it’s a good luck charm, something I just carry around – “just in case.” It’s so much more though. Yesterday, I had a cup of coffee with Darryl. He prints and gives away Bibles in Europe. His team has literally given away millions of Bibles. You know what amazes me? They can’t print them fast enough. This year, in spite of COVID-19, they’ve given away well over 150,000 children’s Bibles in Croatia, alone. The schools there want more. Like 425,000 more. Problem for Darryl is that their organization can’t get them that many. They literally had to tell the people of Croatia “no,” because that’s a $2million project above and beyond their $6million budget for 2020. I can’t imagine having to tell someone asking for a Bible – “no.” We’re burning them here, while people are begging for them across the pond. I’m holding mine a little closer to my heart today. I’m thankful I have these words of hope & life at my fingertips. I dont know what your opinion is about this book. I know it’s been abused, used as a weapon, taken out of context. Some folks cherry pick things out of it that they like and ignore the parts they don’t. But if I may be so forward I challenge you to pick it up. Read it. I read 5 Psalms every day and a proverb correspond with the day of the month. Since today is September 15 I read Psalms 71-75, and I’ll read Proverbs 15 a little later today. That’s just a place to start. There’s so much more good in the pages of this book. Then go check out what Darryl and his team are up to in Europe.

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