Sidewalk Conversations // 82420

I’ve found my place to be for the last couple of days. I attempt to “work” from here but i realize I’m here for the conversations. It’s rainy out today. Patrick stopped by for our daily chat it went a little like this…

ME// you stayin dry Man?

HIM// nah, but i can’t complain. I love the rain. Ain’t no pain in rain Cause rain starts with an r and not a p. So give me a little rain and my Shania Twain and I’m in the game!

ME// Somebody’s got some rhymes today!

HIM// I’ve always been a poet, but I didn’t really know it. Till I joined the JrROTC in school.

<Im loving these sidewalk conversations.>

A little later Paul walked up and gave me a fist bump. He said, “thanks for the coffee”. I said “you’re welcome man!” There was a pause. “And the food. Thanks for the food.” I thought I heard a crack in his voice. I looked up from my laptop and tears were streaming down his face. “You okay, Paul?” “Ahh, I’m making it pastor. By the grace if God and people like you, I’m making it. I know I can come here and find a place where someone cares.” It’s not people like me. It’s people like us. Im so thankful for people who support us everyday. Who help us serve coffee, build community and bring change. These core values aren’t here to help us have business. Our business is here because these are our values. Thank you for being part of “us!”

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