Sidewalk Conversations // 82020

The last couple of days I’ve enjoyed working for a couple of hours at our outdoor bar. I get some work done and get to have some interesting conversations with some interesting people. Today it was Patrick. He let me know that He was headed to Canada where he plans to be Prime Minister and marry Shania Twain. Then He’s gonna move back to the US. He said that it’s his God given responsibility to serve and protect and to do that with Shania Twain by his side. I congratulated him for having life goals. He went on in to get a cup of coffee. As he left bid me farewell and carried on the conversation as he walked on down the road. God Bless Patrick … and @shaniatwain. #allinaday. , ,

Later . . . .

Patrick stopped back by again today to spill more tea about his “love affair” with @shaniatwain. They met in Johnson City five years ago at Christmas Eve at a dance. They Dos-E-Doed, during a passionate square dance. She grabbed him by the arm and said “Hi, I’m Shania from Alberta” but he slipped right out of her reach. But not again. Nope. “They’re meant to be”. Then David came and sat down by me. Don’t think he realizes I work here and boy is he ticked about the “Restroom Policy” here at Cadence. But he’s telling me how i can get around that “[dang] policy if u really gotta to go.” Thankful for the pointers David. Never know when the urge might hit me and that [dang] policy might keep me from getting in there in time. (Here’s the point of these little stories – we have some really cool moments with folks that come in our doors – but then we have some encounters that leave you pondering mysteries that are too great to understand). And that, my friends is a glimpse into a day in the life of a pastorista. Now go enjoy your day and a cup of coffee and dos-e-do!!!

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