Sidewalk Conversations // 82720

Permission to speak freely? Some days I just don’t have it. Some days my cup is empty. Some days it feels like everyone who walks in is looking for that free cup, that free sandwhich. “What do you mean i don’t get a free refill on my cafe au lait?” The sales call promising to save me hundreds of dollars a month if I will pay them…hundreds of dollars a month. Sometimes I don’t feel like being kind and generous or nice or any of the things that I know I’m supposed to be. Sometimes I need to have my cup filled. Sometimes I have to step away, breathe, take a time out so I can go back out there for more Sidewalk Conversations. Today’s one of those days. The world will be ok. Patrick will still be in love with Shania (whose 55th birthday is apparently tomorrow. HBD @shaniatwain). David will get his stimulus check on Monday so he can get his bicycle repaired. Gary will try to drink a little less today, and Sanjay will still complain that his free coffee tastes like brown water. In the mean time, I’ll ask Jesus to fill my cup so I can get back out there and fill theirs.

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