Daniel Fast 2020 // Day 1

For some it’s become “the thing to do” at the beginning of the year.  I hesitate to make a big deal about it because I don’t want to be just another contributor to just another Christian fad.

But I’ve done this enough years to know that these 21 days of prayer and fasting are significant in setting the tone for the entire next year.

The basic premise that I follow in the Daniel Fast is avoiding meat, sweets, breads and sweet drinks.  I drink coffee, because, well. . . . I own a coffee shop, its kinda part of my job.  I actually eat dairy as well.

There are others who do similar fasts, some more strict, some less strict.

Here’s where things can get sticky, and I’ll offer you this warning – if you spend the entire time focusing on what you can and can’t eat, you will engage yourself in nothing more than a 21 day exercise in religion.

For me, the point of significantly altering my food intake for these 21 days is that it serves as a regular reminder that my relationship with Christ needs to be front and center, the number one priority, THE focus of my life.  Its a 21 day exercise in relationship.

I know there are some who don’t consider this “real” fasting.  That’s fine.  They’re not the one’s I’m trying to draw closer to over these next 21 days.

Some say that this is just a glorified diet, cloaked in a spiritual disguise.  That may be true for some, but I have no intention of stepping on a scale for these 21 days.

It’s not easy.  But it truly has the ability to be 21 days that will impact your entire year, and maybe even your entire life.  I’ll give you some links below to look at in trying to figure out what your fast will look like.

Over the next 21 days I hope you will share your experience in the comment section below and that we can encourage one another as we draw closer to Him in the Daniel Fast 2020.

Helpful Links (feel free to add your helpful links in the comments below):

Daniel Fast Website

Daniel Fast Recipes

More Daniel Fast Food Ideas

Not going to lie – I “borrowed” the graphic for this and future Danel Fast 2020 posts from One Community Church in Plano, Texas.  I Googled “Daniel Fast” and their image was the best in my humble opinion.  If anyone from One Community gets ticked at me for this, please accept my humble apology, I’m not a graphic designer, nor am I a re-inventor of the wheel.  So . . . there’s my confession.  


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  1. Theodore Young Jr January 7, 2020 — 6:44 am

    I need this fast at this time to refocus spiritually. I have allowed life and things take me away from where God would have me to be. I have been looking at my time and it has been consumed with stuff & fluff.
    I need to know more about God to discover my next layer of service to him.

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