Asking for Prayer Support

One of the interesting things about having a coffee shop and a church in the heart of downtown, is the reality that you never know who you’re going to meet on any given day.  We’ve had some doozies walk into our doors.  Like the guy who walked in drunk one night, years ago, and . . . well how do I say it delicately?  He just started peeing.  Right there in front of God and everybody.  That was memorable.

They’re not all that dramatic.

Sometimes James comes in talking to himself

Somedays, Michael busts through the door and shouts, “THIS PLACE IS EPIC!!!!”

Then there’s sweet ole’ Gene.  He loves to talk to everybody, and once he gets started you can’t stop him. If you see fresh flowers in our shop, you can thank him.  According to him, “They make a place look nice.”

Yesterday, Gene was stressing out about a personal situation, and he was literally talking to everyone about it that would listen.  Finally, I sat down with him over a cup of coffee and we talked about his dilemma.   We prayed together about his situation and he seemed a little better afterwards.

My conversation with Gene yesterday, with Roy the day before, and so many other instances like these, has caused us to realize that we need back up.  Some folks who could help us deal with situations like Gene, or Roy, or anyone else who comes in carrying a load that they just can’t seem to bear.

We have volunteers who come help out with various tasks at Cadence everyday.  However, we need some folks who would be willing to come and simply hang out at the shop, to be on hand, ready to pray for anyone who may come in needing someone to pray with them.

Now this would be somewhat of a covert operation.  Which means we aren’t putting up a “prayer booth” on the sidewalk.  We won’t have conspicuous t-shirts that say, “Imma Fittin To Pray For You!”  I’m not throwing shade on those ideas, but that’s not what we need.  We need some folks who would be willing to set at a table, with a cup of coffee, a book, a journal or whatever and simply pray this prayer, “God – I’m here, ready to pray for, or encourage anyone, who needs prayer, if you’ll send someone in here, I’ll pray for them.”  And then watch and see what He does.

When we first opened, I used to walk around to every table in the mornings before we unlocked the doors, and pray over every seat, for every customer.  When I unlocked the doors I asked God to create divine appointments right there in our coffee shop.  I’m not personally opening the shop at 6:30 anymore, but I still pray those same prayers.  And He answers.

Exhibit A:  Roy.

Exhibit B: Gene

and I could go on.

We are recruiting volunteers to come hang out with us at Cadence Monday through Saturday for as long and as often as you can come, and be available to pray for anyone who may need prayer.

DISCLAIMER:  There will be training, so you will have to be teachable.  I wouldn’t put just anyone behind the counter to make a Latte without making sure they had proper training. I want our prayer volunteers to be effectively trained as well.  You have to know how to handle specific situations, that might present themselves at any given time.

Honestly, I don’t want people who will be weird.  No offense intended, but honesty is. Not everyone may get your particular relationship with God.  The typical customer walks into Cadence to simply get a cup of coffee, this will be an added optional perk.  I don’t want them walking through a “fire tunnel” of prayer warriors at the front door.  I don’t want someone backing them into a corner, spittin on them, screamin at them, “Hold On!!!” “Let Go!!” All in the name of prayer.  That’s not what we’re looking for.  We want volunteers who can pray  as naturally as having a conversation with a friend, because after all that’s what prayer is – conversation with God.

So, if you’re interested send me an email me and we’ll make a plan to get you trained and ready to see some of the amazing things we get to see almost everyday.

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