Cadence Collective


Before I ever ventured into the “coffee business” my  ideal “third place” was a local coffee shop with my computer, my headphones, and settling in for a couple of hours of productivity.  I did some of my best work right there at that table with life happening all around me.  I’m not a “behind the desk” kind of guy.  Problem was, and is for a lot of folks, that a local coffee shop often lacks the functionality of an office.  If I needed to print or photocopy something I was stuck.  If I needed to take a phone call, I’d have to walk around outside where it was a little quieter, if I needed to meet with a group of folks I might or might not be able to pull a group of tables together so we could all talk with a guarantee of privacy.  If it was lunch time and I didn’t really want another bagel for lunch, I’d have to leave to get something else.

Today we officially launch the Cadence Collective a Co-Working environment where people can work, fellowship, and network together in a creative and functional context.  Cadence Collective addresses many of the functional challenges for people who prefer a more unconventional work environment, yet need some of the more conventional services. Cadence Collective members will have access to a multifunction color printer for high quality business print, copy, scan, fax and email functions.  They will also have access to a phone room, a conference room, and access to a break room/kitchen where they can bring and prepare their own lunches.  We’ll even offer a business address for packages and mail to be delivered.

Cadence is located in the heart of the Innovation District in Downtown Chattanooga. Creativity and collaboration are revitalizing our part of the city, and we’re super excited about being part of that energy by adding a delicious cup of coffee, a fresh baked pastry, and comfortable, functional work environment.

Go check out the details on our website and sign up to be a member of Cadence Collective!

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