Personal Sacrifice

SacrificeIts like a four letter word – only its two words and its 17 letters.  When we start talking about personal sacrifice the room can get really quiet, really quick.

Defenses tend to go up.  We start to think or say, “don’t judge me.”

That’s kind of how I felt when I started this book by Eugene Cho – “Overrated.”  If anyone has a heart for justice, and caring for the needs of the poor, the disadvantaged, the least, the last, the lost – I’m that guy.  Listen here Mr. Cho, don’t go questioning my motives!

Then I realize he’s not.  He’s simply asking me to question my motives. To check my own gauges.

I’m in chapter two, and day two of the reading plan through YouVersion.

Today’s thought provoking question is this:  What percentage of your energy, time, money goes into actions that make NO PERSONAL SACRIFICE?  What action(s) can you take this week to help others through tangible personal sacrifice?


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