The empty bed #NOAccidents

crib2There’s an empty bed in our bedroom tonight.  Its had a little person in it for nearly nine months now.  For the first time since he was two days old this little boy has slept no more than ten feet away from us.

He’ll be back home tomorrow, but there is a strong possibility that our days with him are numbered.  He may be ordered into the care of a family member.  Only God knows what the final outcome will be.  But tonight its hard to hold back tears.  Our entire family has felt their salty sting run down our faces today.  We’ve tried to fill our day with distractions – to simply not think about him.  Impossible.

We lay here wondering, “Does he wonder where we are?”  “Does he miss us as much as we miss him?”  “Is he asleep?”  “Is he crying?”

There is a pain unlike any we have ever felt before in our entire lives.  Its a pain wrought by love for an innocent, helpless person.  A pain that we are asking God to soothe tonight.  As we look across the room and see an empty bed and try to sleep in spite of the empty hole in our hearts.

Still we believe that with God there are NOAccidents.

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  1. Father God……..this situation needs your wisdom and your power to reign and rule. What a beautiful sacrifice of love the Greer’s have given this precious one and I know you have purpose and plan for his life……..Be gracious to everyone — especially to Noa.

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