When God Closes a Road . . . .

testifyI have to stop and testify!!!!  (Man I wish I was at my home church back in Radford, VA for a testimony service.  I loved them.  I’d have a testimony to share to-day!!!!!)

For two days the street in front of our shop has been closed.  Yesterday they were cutting down 2 big trees, and this morning it was closed for a parade.  Earlier this morning I walked outside the store as two huge work trucks were pulling up in front of our store and I was so ticked off.  I walked out and started to fuss, “Really, you’re going to park THERE?!?!”  I stopped though and kept quiet.

I came back inside and in a few minutes a customer came in, then another, then another, and before long we were backed all the way to the door.  We were slammed with a line of drinks for well over an hour.  We practically sold out of all of our pastries.   We even broke a record for highest morning sales!

What did you learn today Shannon? (you might ask)

I learned that when God closes a road, He will open a sidewalk.

Somebody say “Amen!”

Tap ya neighbor and say “that’s a good word!”

Gotta go make some more drinks, looks like round two is coming!!

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