This is gonna be good . . . . real, real, real good.

Gospel of JohnThis is too exciting not to tell. . .

So we’ve made a big decision to make a pretty significant change to our bi-weekly Saturday night outreach effort.  In fact we’re moving the whole shindig to Wednesday nights.  On every other Saturday we’ve gathered with people from the downtown community, shared some food with each other, and had significant times of discussion, the negative has been meeting every other week, because Saturdays are always so full of so many obligations for lots of folks.  So we decided to move our gathering to Wednesday nights, and we’re pretty pumped about it.

We will start this Wednesday with some pizza and then we’ll read the first chapter from the Gospel of John.  From there, we’ll break up into smaller groups, to walk through the chapter verse by verse sharing what speaks to us the most from the chapter, asking questions, and encouraging each other with the same powerful words we are studying together.  We’ll wrap things up with a prayer for each other, and we’ll leave nourished by the meat of Scripture, and the fulfillment of doing life together.

Its not flashy, but we never seem to do flashy well anyway.  We like to keep things simple.  So consider this my personal invitation to you to join our Community Bible Study, Wednesday’s from 6 to 8p at Cadence Coffee and RiverChurch Chattanooga.  

Oh yeah . . . and you’d probably oughta go ahead and read John 1, cause our “Saturday Night group” has already downloaded the Bible app to their phones, or taken a Bible with them, and they’re reading it ahead of time.  I know, right? Can you say “overachievers?”  Maybe, but I think its more like “hungry.”   I’m telling ya . . . its gonna be good.  Real, real, real good.

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