From Saturday to Sunday and Intentionality

sat2sunFor well over a year now, the primary time for RiverChurch to gather for worship has been on Saturday nights.  Our times of worship have been intimate and our goal has be to intentionally focus solely upon Jesus.  Mixed within our times of worship and looking together into the Word have been some pretty significant opportunities to connect with people facing some difficult life challenges.  Those moments of sitting with, listening to, praying for people who need someone to care are priceless, never to be rushed or minimized.  Sometimes its difficult to adequately disciple and care for people in need, at the same time the body is collectively focusing intentionally upon Jesus in worship and looking to have Him speak to them through His Word.

So starting this weekend, RiverChurch will begin meeting once again on Sunday mornings for worship.  We will continue outreach and ministry on Saturday nights for the purpose of discipleship and connecting with people in our community.  This Saturday we will partner with Community Cafe, a non profit pop-up cafe purposed on making food affordable for everyone who is hungry, and encouraging people who come to sit with someone and “do life” with them for an hour or two.  Every Saturday, our goal will be to connect with someone and to point them ultimately toward Christ and Sunday our goal will be to simply focus on Jesus.  He deserves so much more than a couple of hours each weekend where we focus our corporate attention solely upon Him.

At the end of the day its really about intentionality.  Being intentional to express the love of Christ to others and being intentional to express our love for Christ to Him.

I’m pretty geeked up about these two important times each weekend, and personally invite you to join us Saturday at 6pm or Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

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