First Friday’s

coffee cupI’m so excited about the new year at Cadence Coffee Company.  We’re setting Thursday and Friday nights aside for lots of special events including concerts, poetry slams, story slams, discussion panels, and lectures on current events.  One of the things I’m the most excited about is something we’re calling First Friday’s.  These are Friday nights of nothing but straight up worship, on the first Friday of every month.   We’re inviting local worship leaders from area churches to step up and lead a gathering of people from our community in intimate and sincere worship for a couple of hours.

Its kind of like a tithe for us.  We’ll have a lot of great talent, we’ve got some great ideas for Thursday and Friday night events, but we want to dedicate the first Friday of each month as a night to honor God.  I hope you’ll mark your calendars and come join us.  If you are a worship leader or would like to recommend someone to lead a First Friday, email me.

In the meantime, plan now to start your year off, by joining us January 2 at 7pm for our First First Friday.  Willie Pomeroy will be starting the night off, and Ryder Pierce will lead our worship time together.

Can’t wait!

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