30 Days of Thankfulness – Day 3

Of all the honors, titles, jobs, roles, and responsibilities I have had in my life, none can surpass that of being a dad.

Today I am thankful for 5 beautiful kids, that God has entrusted into my care.  I guess I could have taken a day for each one of them, to click off my 30 days of thankfulness, but that would be cutting corners. So to my kids, I want to say I’m thankful for you:

Kenz – I am thankful for your pure heart.  Thankful that you have a heart for worship, whether in the crowd of singers, or riding along in the car singing with your sisters, I know you love Him, and for that I’m so thankful

May – I am thankful that you are a young lady of strong character.  You’re solid girl.  Steadfast and unshakeable.  Many people will draw from the strength you possess in life, and I’m thankful that you are a person who will share whatever you have to give.

Jo – I am thankful that you are a young woman of integrity.  You believe in doing what’s right, and honorable.  You also have a huge heart of compassion that oozes from you, for which I am truly thankful.

Jay – I am thankful that you are learning to be a man of strength and honor even at a young age.  You’re fearless, and creative.  You’re smart and your talent is already obvious. I thank God for a son to carry on our family name, its a good name and you will carry it well.

“Noa” – I am thankful that God has brought you into our family.  I don’t know how long you will be here, but in the short time we’ve had you, I am reminded yet once again, of the Father’s love for us.  You have reminded me of the truth that I have been rescued by the Perfect Father, and I am loved by Him.  May you come to know that truth as well.

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