In Over Our Head

OvermyheadI’ll admit this is probably the craziest and riskiest thing our family has ever done.  But I can tell you with great confidence that becoming foster parents was one of the most significant decisions we have ever made.   If you know anything about our family, you know that we are already a “big family.”  I’m sure many have said about the Greer’s, what we have said behind the doors of our own home, “we don’t need another kid.”  Truer words have never been spoken.

Over the last 9 months God has shown us that in fact we DON”T need another kid, but there are kids out there that need us.

Please understand, our family is far from perfect.  We fuss, and squabble.  Laundry gets backed up at our house, We probably would never pass a white glove test unless the test was five minutes after we had finished an all-hands-on-deck-cleaning-day.  But one thing our family does have is love.  We love one another, and we love other people.  Our kids know how to make room for another person at the dinner table, or someone crashing on our couch over night.  We believe that what little we have, has been given to us to share with others, especially kids who don’t have the kind of family life and love that we share.

Just a few weeks ago we began to talk about the possibility of adopting.  We even filled out a pre-application because we truly felt as though God was calling us to go to another level in caring for the least of these.   But we were quickly reminded that not even two blocks out our front door are helpless children that need families to love them like He does.

So yeah, crazy. . . . risky. . . . . challenging. . . all of the above.  But worth it?  You bet.

We’re in over our heads, and we know it.  We aren’t looking for pity, or accolades. This is the life that we see that God has called us to live.  You see ministry isn’t something where we can clock in and clock out.  We’ve been given love and lots of it, grace and mercy in abundance.  If we just let it trickle out of us here and there then we aren’t really living the life Christ died for us to live.

Can I challenge you today, to consider going in over your head?  To prayerfully ask God where He would have you pour out your life.  Be warned it’ll cost you something.  People will think you’re weird, some will even write you off.  We have the testimony of experience.  But it’ll be worth it, and not so much for you.   You don’t need another ministry opportunity, but I dare say somebody out there needs you.

AdultHoldingChildsHandIf you would like more information, or have questions about foster care, email me at

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