Its Monday.  I overslept.  Ran out the door late.  Got to the coffee shop sweaty and harried.  Attempted to sit down and have my first cup and some quiet time.  Never happened.  Had a customer walk right into a window.  Sat with her, gave her a bag of ice for her nose.  Prayed she was okay.  Paperwork sits all over my desk.  Bills need to be paid.  Emails need to be answered.  Meetings need to be scheduled.  I feel like a pool of urgency is rising all around me, and may soon be over my head.  And then just as I’m feeling my most overwhelmed I . . .


I hear a still small voice utter the ancient wisdom “Be still and know that I am God.”  He’s not stressed, harried, overwhelmed.  In Him is perfect peace.  In Him we find the calm in the midst of our storms.  In Him.  In Him.


He’s right there with you.  He wants to remind you He’s got this.  Whatever “this” may be in your life.  So stop.  Breathe. Know.

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  1. Shannon, we all need to be reminded of this occasionally. Life gets so hectic sometimes that it seems we are on a rollercoaster that won’t slow down, and we don’t seem to stop and listen as well! Thank you, God, for that still small voice that lets us know that You will never leave us nor forsake us!

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