Let the Miracles Begin!!!

the dancerSo Sunday I shared with RiverChurch the direction that God is leading us in for our future.  We have an exciting opportunity to acquire some space across the street from where we meet for Saturday Church.  Now there are a few significant hurdles for us to cross, before the future becomes a reality, but I believe I have a big God, who does big miracles!

One of the hurdles I shared was that we immediately need $9000 to bring to the table when we sign our lease.  As I shared that need on Sunday morning, I had no idea that on my phone in my office was a text telling me that $6000 of that had already been promised.  I nearly danced a jig, (in fact I may have).

Today, I was handed a check for $3000 to finish out what we needed!!

This is the first of many more miracles to come!!

If you would like to be part of those miracles, go here to learn how you can be involved!  

Think I’ll go dance another little jig!

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