Let Go!!

As a child of the 80’s I always loved Nestea commercials.  I would watch with great anticipation as the main character of the commercial seemed to fall for what seemed like an eternity until finally they would splash into a refreshing pool of blue water.  Just thinking about it now still makes me a little breathless, and a little thirsty too.

There comes a point in all of our lives when we are faced with uncertainty, that we either hold on for dear life trying to control those things over which we think we have control or we simply let go. Take the Nestea plunge into the perfect will of God, trusting that He’s got this.

Now this is really easier said than done, because control is comforting and what we all want.  Letting go is really scary.  And yet so liberating.  Have you ever made the statement, “Its in God’s hands now?” I’m learning to remove that phrase from my vocabulary.  If at any point, any part of my life left God’s hands, well I’d be done for.

We’ve sung it as kids, but it rings true as adults, “He’s got the whole world in His hands.”  That means He has MY whole world in His hands.  If I could truly believe that, with all that is in me, I could simply let go of my false sense of control and fall gracefully into His perfect will, the payoff would be nothing short of refreshing.

This week has been an unprecedented week for our family.  We have stepped out of a place of comfort and routine.  Into a realm of faith like we have never known. I’ve had to closely evaluate the strength of my faith, and I believe it has become even stronger.  I’ve had freak out moments.  Moments of extreme stress and “Dear God Help Me Now” prayers.

But I’m learning to let go.  I’m learning to turn around and rather than look at the challenges in front of me, throw my arms up in the air, look straight into the eyes of my Father, and fall back, helplessly into His perfect will.  I am trusting that what I find when I land will not be a painful thud on hard ground, but the refreshing presence of the One who has called me to trust Him.  He’s a good Father, He knows how to give good gifts to His children, and if what I need is to take the Nestea Plunge into His love and mercy, His grace and provision, then I simply must let go.  He’s got this.

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