She Did It!

KristiaWe had gone away for the weekend, it was almost 15 months ago.  My wife had just finished reading The Dream Giver – by Bruce Wilkinson.  She put the book down, and said, “I think I know what my dream is . . . ” and she proceeded to tell me how she had often thought about learning to style hair, and to offer cosmetology services to women who could never afford the kind of pampering they would find at an upscale salon.

Within two weeks she was enrolled in Cosmetology classes, starting out at night, then going to day classes.  The first few weeks she came home in tears.  “I can’t do this.”  She was thrown into an environment much different than the “christian environments” she had typically experienced when gaining an education.  Some of her classmates loved her, some, when they learned that she was a “preacher’s wife” immediately labeled her closed minded, judgmental, and disregarded her.

Today, she finishes this adventure.  She’ll be the first to tell you, she learned a lot.  Besides how to cut hair, and do a mean color, she also learned how to let her light shine.  She learned how to love, even when it was hard and uncomfortable.  She learned how to be real, because the people around her could spot a fake a mile away.   Most of all she learned to live it out.  She became the sermon I’ve been preaching for the last four years.

And now, she starts a new adventure.  The training is behind.  Now she looks for God to open the door for her to fulfill the dream He gave her.  She’ll do it.  I know she will.

But today, I celebrate with my beautiful “preacher’s wife” because, She Did It!!!!


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  1. Great Post!! Whoop whoop, go Kristi!!!

  2. Congrats! How awesome for her!

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