No Plan B

12825192-plan-a-plan-b-y-escrito-sobre-un-fondo-de-pizarra-con-una-tiza-mano-que-sostieneTo some it may seem like a dead horse that I’m beating.  Maybe I am.  But I believe God is opening my eyes as of late to a clearer vision; for my life, for my family, for our church.  Its not an attractive vision.  It a vision that will mean some dirt on my hands, some uncomfortable moments, and even some missed opportunities.  But I cannot run from the call of God to bring hope to hopeless people.  This is God’s Plan A for my life, and if I may be so presumptuous, for yours as well.  There is no Plan B.

Someone posted this article on my Facebook wall yesterday.  I share it with you now, in hopes that you will see there really is no Plan B.


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